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STEP 1: March 14th 2021

Get to know LIFE Church

STEP 2: March 28th 2021

Discover your Design

STEP 3: April 11th 2021

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STEP 4: April 25th 2021

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Location office, café and other events
Location Sunday Service

LIFE Church
Bergheimer Str. 133
69115 Heidelberg

Tel.:  06221 / 22727

E-Mail: office [at]

Our office, cafe and other events are located in the heart of Heidelberg at 133 Bergheimer Strasse between the Betriebshof and Volkshochschule Strassenbahn stops.

Sunday Services take places in Rohrbach at the moment:

International Service (English/German) Sundays @ 10.30Uhr,

Schelklystr. 102, Heidelberg
(im Gebäude der Adventgemeinde in Rohrbach)