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Coming up

Heart&Soul Birthday Party

When: 4. November • 7:15 pm
Where:  Heart&Soul • Bergheimer Straße 133 • 69115 Heidelberg

We are celebrating our Birthday! 7 years of Heart&Soul Café in Heidelberg, wow! We are still excited about this place and all that we experience every day. Jesus encounters people. We want to celebrate this with you in Heart&Soul fashion. And that means good atmosphere, food, live music and a lot of space for Jesus. Join us!

Baptism Class + Baptism

Baptism Class / Taufkurs

1st date:
When: 5. November • 10am
Where: Heart&Soul • Bergheimer Straße 133 • 69115 Heidelberg

2nd date:
When: 12. November • 6pm
Where:  Adventgemeinde • Schelklystraße 102 • 69126 Heidelberg

On November 13th we will be having a baptism during the Sunday service. If you are interested in getting baptised on that Sunday or if you want to learn more about what it means to get baptised, come join us at our two baptism classes. Please send an Email
 to the office to let us know you’re coming. 

Small Group Leader Training

When: 26. November • 10am 
Where: Heart&Soul • Bergheimer Straße 133 • 69115 Heidelberg

If you are currently leading a small group or if you are interested in starting a new small group, we would like to invite you to our small group leader training. Come by for a cup of coffee and learn what it means to live in community and share life in a small group. 

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