Prayer live

Let us pray!

Right now, life looks a little different than usual. Most of us spend more time at home. Instead of meeting at work or in a café we communicate a lot via WhatsApp, facebook or Skype. Great possibilities that help to balance out the usual a little bit. I think it’s great that in terms of encountering God nothing changes for you and  me, except maybe the fact that we now have a little more time to immerse ourselves in the depth of prayer and get to know God in a completely new way. I believe that God longs to spend time with you and that it is the best thing that you can take time for. On this page you will find some great tips for your prayer life. #justdoit

Pray at home

This little video of two passionate prayer people of LIFE Church, Tobi and Amy, is for you. A few little impulses for your prayer, your conversation with God. It motivates and prevents prayer frustration. #justdoit We pray. 

“Prayer is the breathing of your soul” John Henry Newman

We like to pray for you 
If you wish for someone to pray with you or if you have a special request, we want to be there for you. We are convinced that God wants us to support, encourage and encounter each other in prayer. Our prayer team is made up of pastors and leaders who like to listen and pray. Just send us an email (see button) with your name, your phone number and which language you prefer (all data will be treated confidentially). We will then get in touch with you.