Service during Corona

The Time has finally come! 

Beginning Sunday, May 24th we will have our celebration services in the Advent Church again. We can’t wait to see you all and greet you personally as we celebrate God together and experience his presence! In order to make it possible that everyone who attends can be assured that it is safe and to minimize the risks, we kindly ask everyone to carefully read the following guidelines and to follow them. These guidelines are based on suggestions from our denomination, the BFP and fulfill the requirements set forth by the State of Baden-Württemberg

How we proceed

If you personally or anyone in your household has been exhibiting the following symptoms: fever, dry cough or tiredness we kindly ask you to stay home. We also encourage those of you who belong to a high risk group of the population to also stay home instead of venturing out. We will continue to livestream our services so that you can participate via the safety of your home.

If you plan on attending a Sunday service, we ask that you register ahead of time. This will help us better plan for your attendance. We have 170 seats available which are set up to accommodate singles, couples as well as groups of 3 or 4. By doing this we can offer more seating overall but group seating is only available to members of the same household and this will be strictly enforced. 

If you have trouble registering online for whatever reason – please notify Pastor Brian by phone or SMS and he will register you for the service. 

His number is 0176 / 223 06 391.

Masks are mandatory in the church building. When entering and moving about the building for whatever reason a mask is required to be worn. Only when seated may you remove the mask. A mask must also be worn if you stand to sing during praise and worship. Singing while seated without a mask on is not permitted at this time.

We have marked the floor to help you keep 1,5m distance from others, thus minimizing physical contact. Please disinfect your hands upon entering and try to touch as few surfaces as possible. We don’t want to make everything forbidden but we do want to encourage everyone to navigate the situation circumspectly and take responsibility for yourself and others as much as possible.

We will open the doors at 10:15am. Please follow the ushers’ instructions carefully and fill the seats in the auditorium from front to back. Following the service we kindly ask everyone to exit immediately and to not linger in the building and to please refrain from congregating on the sidewalk in front of the building, but rather head to the park at the end of our street for fellowship.

At this time we can only offer Kids Church for grades 2-4 and Pre-Teens. We ask the parents of all children grades 2-4 to send a pencil case, colors and water bottle with your child for Kids Church. All Parents are requested to keep a careful eye on all children at al times and help minimize contact. At this time we cannot offer Nursery / Noah’s Ark for our little ones. Small children will need to remain with their parents in service.