What to expect when you visit us:
We want you to feel at home here, even if it’s your first time. Grab a cup of coffee from our café, find a seat, and feel free to participate as much or as little as you’d like.  We invite you to sing some contemporary songs with us, listen to a relevant message and meet new people after the service from all over the world. We’re glad you’re here. We hope you will encounter God.

The service is held primarily in two languages – English and German.  Most of the people at our church speak one of those languages and we want everyone to be able to participate and understand. You’ll also hear other languages as well and have the opportunity to meet people from over 30 different nationalities and cultures.    There is also translation equipment available for other languages if a larger group exists that needs translation other than English or German.  At LIFE Church there’s always room for one more friend.

What’s on your heart?
We don’t want to just talk, but want to listen. We’d like to know how you are doing and what moves you.  When you visit, fill out one of our connection cards and share your impressions and concerns. You can drop your card in the donation basket when it goes around during the service. However, please don’t feel obligated to give. Even though LIFE church is financed through donations, we don’t expect that from our guests.

We look forward to meeting you!  / Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

How can I get in contact?

We are glad you visited our website. We want to give you the opportunity to get in contact with us and get to know us better. If you would like to do so, you can simply click on the button and fill out the document that opens. All data will be treated confidentially and will only be used to introduce the LIFE Church to you and to get to know you.

Next Steps

Have you been visiting our church and want to take the next step in becoming more involved in our church family? Our “Next Steps” Course is for you! In four sessions we want to introduce us and who we are as LIFE Church  but it is also about getting to know you and finding a place for you in our home! Stay tuned for future courses!

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