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Hi LIFE Church,
We wanted to take just a moment and greet you all.

Famines, plagues, disasters, and travesties are things many 21st century believes are unacquainted with. In times of utter fear and anxiety from the general public, there is only one rock that one can stand upon for a sure foundation and that rock is none other than Jesus Christ.

Our hope and prayer is that you will find peace in Christ in the midst of this storm, stay safe but also rise up valiantly in these days. God always takes what the enemy means for evil and turns it around for good.

Whether it’s praying, texting, encouraging, sharing resources with your neighbors or organizing ways of showing the love of Jesus in a practical way – Rise Up LIFE Church and be the church. We are confident that nothing can separate from God’s love. We love you and are praying for you in this season.

How we, as LIFE Church, respond to Covid 19

For most of us alive today these are unprecedented times. Exciting times. Full of challenges but also full of opportunities. In our families, with schools closed, we have children home all day that need to be entertained and educated without everyone going stir-crazy. If you’re married, you may suddenly have a lot MORE or a lot LESS time together, depending on what line of work you or your wife or your spouse are in. If you’re single, you’re facing perhaps different but equally challenging circumstances.

That’s at a personal level, but it’s the same at a church level. There are challenges to work out. As you know, we have switched our Sunday service to an online format, and we’re actively looking for the best solution and how to optimize that. We have also decided to cancel all groups and events that meet at our Bergheim location and close our beloved Heart & Soul Café for the time being. WHY are we taking these steps? Paul writes in 2 Timothy 1:7, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control.“ As believers in Jesus, we are not acting out of fear, but power. Power to make tough decisions when needed. Love—love that looks at the interests and well-being of others and not just ourselves and our own comfort and convenience. And then we make decisions with a disciplined, sound mind that seeks wisdom and listens to the God-given experts He has placed around us. So, we act out of love, self-control and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Fellowship and Spiritual Life

Our LIFE Groups are still going on. Not in one place as usual, but with the help of Skype, WhatsApp or Google Hangout in many places, on different days during the week. We cannot and do not want to miss spiritual life, sharing about how we are doing, time in God’s Word and praying together. If you don’t have a group yet, just join a group. Get in touch and the leader will be happy to get in touch with you.

Love your neighbour

We want to help in this extraordinary situation. Whether people in quarantine, people of risk groups or families who are strained due to childcare, or people who are lonely. We want to help in a practical way. Grocery shopping, babysitting, talking on the phone, praying… We want to be there for each other. That’s why we would like to start the „Rosinenbomber“ (Candy bomber) initiative to connect helpers and people seeking help. If you would like to join in and help people from the church and our community, then get in touch with Matthias. If we can help you, contact Bernice and we will try to find someone to support you.

Celebrate live church service with us

God is the rock and our hope in this time. We want to seek His presence, praise Him, experience Him, hear from Him and stand up for each other and for our community. On Sunday at 10:30am you can join us live from home. We are looking forward to spending time with our wonderful God and with each other.


Kids Church at home

We believe that this time is very challenging for you as a family. Therefore we want to support you during this time by sending you an email with a video and links to online children’s services. We also want to get in touch with you / your children by phone and meet once a week via zoom.

If you have any questions or don’t get any information from us yet, click on the button.

Preteens at home

We will provide a virtual session for all teenagers. With a video and Bible verses we want to encourage you. Don’t miss this! If you don’t receive it yet, click the button and write us an email.

Katakombe Youth at home

Since we cannot meet physically together in the Katakombe this Friday, we will meet online together at 7pm using an online discussion format for worship, sharing and prayer. We will send out an invitation and more details as we get closer via email and WhatsApp. Follow the link for an encouraging video and daily devotionals. We miss you all, pray for you daily and look forward to connecting with you this Friday! 


LIFE Church Newsletter

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